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Sales is constantly changing with consumer trends. As a result, so is the Sandler sales training technique. Instead of cold calling it is observed that consumers respond better to techniques such as customer service and peer reviews. Check out these statistics that show how sales is changing this year and beyond.

Surprising Sales Statistics

1. Dealing with competitive concerns and meeting customer expectations are the top two challenges that organizations face, in terms of sales.

2. 51% of sales leaders report that they focus on creating deeper relationships to increase customer retention.

3. 78% of business buyers report that they try to find an advisor or salesperson who can add value to their business. In other words, they do not trust just a sales rep, and are starting to demand more personal, smarter sales experiences.

4. A total of 60% of professional sales persons report that collaborative selling increases productivity by over 25%. Collaborative selling enables professionals and organizations to sell more efficiently.

5. 79% of sales teams utilize technology to increase efficiency. These technologies include sales management systems and sales analytics tools to provide organization and insights into processes.

6. A whopping 76% of sales professionals report that using technology, such as sales analytics, allows them to provide improved customer service to potential clients.

7. The average sales person spends about 64% of their time doing non-selling tasks or activities, such as providing service, training, or administrative tasks.

Improve Sales with Sandler Sales Training

Knowing the trends and facts about sales is essential to reaching your sales goals. To create the best sales team and process, contact Making Luck. The Sandler Sales Training course will assist you in reaching your sales goals and potential.

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